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Sentric Music Group is a global, award-winning independent publisher. Today, we represent more than 2m works either directly or via industry partners.
Sentric Neighbouring Rights enables partners and clients to seamlessly collect royalties generated from their recordings globally.  We manage and maximise the value of your repertoire via our comprehensive collection network, infrastructure and technology and add value to your rights through our creative and sync services. 


Collection Network

We collect directly in 92% of the market. Managing your repertoire domestically means we can unlock previously untapped income. Retroactive collection where possible to ensure no money is left on the table. 

Putting the power in your hands, more money faster than ever before.


You have full access to our team of cross-industry and multi-genre experts to bolster your neighbouring rights.

A dedicated client manager on hand to support you through onboarding and day to day service including advice on how best to maximise the value of your catalogue.


Alongside the collection and distribution of your neighbouring rights, we seek to add value to your recordings through our creative and synchronisation teams.

Actively pitching your music for sync and broadcast placements as well as seeking creative development opportunities tailored to you.


Our technology enables us to identify recordings at scale meaning we can audit income on a granular level and ensure no royalties are left unclaimed.

Our internal claims management system can register and track infinite amounts of data leaving our team with more time to work closely with you.

Our neighbouring rights service is bespoke, we work on a case by case basis to ensure the deal works for your catalogue. If you are a master rights owner, label, artist, or performer we have the solution for you. Below are some of our current partners, get in touch today to find out how we can work together.
If the recordings of your songs have been played out in public such as in a shop, bar or restaurant or broadcast on TV or radio then you are owed royalties. Take a look at some of the artists and performers we represent below and contact the team to find out more today.
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